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Installing SRAC Code on Mandrivalinux 2010.0 x86_64

Posted by Syeilendra Pramuditya on January 18, 2016

SRAC: Standard Reactor Analysis Code, developed by Japan Atomic Energy Agency

SRAC code was developed long time ago, so there are problems when you try to install it on modern linux distros. The biggest problem of all is I think the original SRAC works only with F77/G77, whereas modern linux distros usually only provide gfortran.

Some installation tips:

Tip 1

Using the control panel, make sure that the following packages have been installed: gcc-cpp, gcc-c++, gcc-gfortran, tcsh, make, automake, ncompress, mscompress

Tip 2

Edit these 2 files:



Open the files, you will see “set F77 = G77”, add a new line after that line: “set F77 = gfortran”

Now you just test run the code by executing SRAC/smpl/shr/Test.sh

Sample of input and output files are available here.

This has been tested and works for me.

*Of course you can just simply install SRAC 2006 which supports gfortran compiler.


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