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Some FORTRAN Subroutines

Posted by Syeilendra Pramuditya on December 30, 2010

Shortlink: http://wp.me/p61TQ-zb

Some standard libraries:

Some compact subroutines:

  • [ download ] MATINV – Subroutine for matrix inversion
  • [ download ] GETDET – Function to calculate matrix determinant
  • [ download ] TRIDAG – Subroutine to solve tridiagonal matrix system (source | mirror)
  • [ download ] MATMTP – Subroutine for matrix multiplication
  • [ download ] JACOBI – Subroutine to solve general linear equation system by Jacobi method
  • [ download ] JCBTRI – Subroutine to solve tridiagonal linear equation system by Jacobi method

You can download all the subroutines here (zipped).

Let me know if the links don’t work.

See also Fortran code to calculate water thermodynamic properties (density, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, dynamic viscosity, and saturation temperature) as functions of temperature.

3 Responses to “Some FORTRAN Subroutines”

  1. hamid said

    Dear Syeilendra
    I have tried to multiply A by Ainv in MATINV and Oooops!
    it should result A*Ainv=[I], but it wasn’t.
    Tnx for your subroutine

  2. hamid said

    Mr. Syeilendra
    I performed again and code was perfect
    tnx again

  3. Mr. Syeilendra
    Thank you very much for this
    perfectly working and simple
    inversion subroutine!

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