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How really safe is nuclear power?

Posted by Syeilendra Pramuditya on December 12, 2010

I just found another interesting fact about nuclear power, this is it guys..

Average loss in life expectancy due to Various Causes

No. Cause Time [days]
1 Being unmarried for male 3500
2 Being unmarried for female 1600
3 Cigarette smoking for male 2250
4 Cigarette smoking for female 800
5 Being 30% overweight 1300
6 Cancer 980
7 Serving in the U.S. army in Vietnam 400
8 Drinking coffee 6
9 Radiation from nuclear industry 0.02
10 Nuclear reactor accident 0.02

Source: Nuclear Engineering, Theory and Technology of Commercial Nuclear Power, Second Edition. Ronald Allen Knief. 1992. Taylor & Francis Publishing Company, Pennsylvania, USA. Table 14-6, page 405.

So what does the table say? Ok let say that the God gives you 100 years of life in this world, so if you have 30% overweight, then there is a risk that your lifetime is reduced by 1300 days.

Being unmarried for male is 175,000 times more risky than a nuclear accident!
Cigarette smoking for male is 112,500 times more risky than a nuclear accident!
Even just become a fat person is 65,000 times more risky than a nuclear accident!

Nuclear power is so safe!

Still not convinced yet? Well, a very good explanation about the safety of nuclear power compare to other energy-generating technologies is available on this link, just read those facts dude.


One Response to “How really safe is nuclear power?”

  1. Paul said

    I agree with you on Nuclear Energy… I wish the US would open the door for new nuclear power plants. I also enjoyed your paper on Nuclear Reactor Theory. Out of curiosity, do you prefer to write code or do you have a favorite math program? Thank you.

    Syeilendra said..
    Well, I also wish that Indonesia would open the door for its very first NPP.

    Really? thanks for reading it, and please let me know if you find any incorrectness or typo.

    I prefer to write code, so that I can somehow “check” how correct my understanding is, and then I put it here on this blog, so that anybody can check it and point out if they find something not correct, a kind of free code-debug service from the people. I enjoy programming, and “that feeling” you experience when your code is completed and works well.

    But sometimes when I need a quick-n-dirty way to produce some results, I use Matlab or Scilab.

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