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The Cheng-Todreas Correlations for Bundle and Subchannel Friction Factors

Posted by Syeilendra Pramuditya on August 10, 2010

Updated code incorporating Cheng et al. 2017 publication is available here.

Updated code incorporating Cheng et al. 2013 publication is available here.

Ready-to-use code

These correlations have been programmed in a computer code. Given the bundle geometry and bundle Reynolds number as input, the code calculates and prints friction factors and flow split parameters at that condition. Several other parameters for laminar and turbulent conditions are also printed. Both the detailed and simplified correlations are implemented, so that the results from these 2 models can be compared.

The main body of the code was written in Fortran, this main code is then coupled with a graphical user interface (GUI) created with Lazarus.


  • Update July 2013, a minor mistake has been fixed [download]
  • Update January 2012, a function to calculate mixing parameters has been added [download]
  • Windows executable (just hit the punch_me.exe to run the code)
  • Source code (main.f is the Fortran main file, and project1.lpi is the Lazarus project file)


A code to calculate friction factors by Cheng-Todreas correlations

Short URL: http://wp.me/p61TQ-tI

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