Month: September 2009

The Westinghouse-3 (W-3 or W3 or W 3) correlation for evaluation of critical heat flux (CHF)

There are about 500 empirical correlations out there (o yeah the world is HUGE man! :mrgreen:) to predict the critical heat flux (CHF),  one of the most widely used correlations is (was?) the Westinghouse-3 (W-3) correlation. For predicting the CHF condition in a non-uniform heat flux channel, we follow these two steps:

  1. The uniform critical heat flux is computed with the W-3 correlation
  2. The non-uniform critical heat flux distribution is then obtained by employing the so-called “F factor“.

For uniformly heated channels, the critical heat flux is given by:


The axially non-uniform heat flux is obtained by applying a corrective F factor to the uniform critical heat flux:








The correlation is valid in the ranges:

Source: N.E. Todreas and Mujid S. Kazimi, Nuclear Systems I – Thermal Hydraulic Fundamentals, Hemisphere Publishing Corporation, New York (1990), page 558.

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A variation of this W-3 correlation is the so-called W-3L correlation, which employs a correction factor to take into account the effect from grid spacer and/or mixing vane.

Umegaoka to Higashitamagawa

Yeap.. akhirnya malam ini datang juga, ini malam terakhir saya di Umegaoka dorm, besok siang saya resmi move out from here and start a new life in a new place. I have been staying here since September 25 last year, and will officially move out tomorrow on September 16 this year, 357 exciting days have passed. Ya, 357 hari (or 356 malam) sudah saya habiskan di asrama ini.

Saya pindah ke tempat kost baru di deket kampus, di daerah Higashitamagawa, paling 20 menit-an jalan kaki dari kampus.

Selamat tinggal Umegaoka, n selamat datang Higashitamagawa!

New place, new spirit! O yeah! :mrgreen:

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