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Standard PWR nuclear fuel assembly (17×17) technical specification

Posted by Syeilendra Pramuditya on April 14, 2009


PWR 17x17 FA

Geometry Square 17×17 matrix
Fuel assembly dimension Square 214 x 214 mm
Composition per assembly Total: 289Fuel: 264

Control rod guide thimble: 24

Instrumentation thimble: 1

Fuel material UO2 (U235,U238,Oxygen)
Cladding material Zircaloy-4
98.23 weight % zirconium with 1.45% tin, 0.21% iron, 0.1% chromium, and
0.01% hafnium
Gap filler Helium gas
Fuel average density 95 – 96% Theoretical Density
UO2-TD = 10.96 g/cc
Moderator (coolant) light water (H2O)
average density 0.7295 gr/cc
H/HM ratio
(hydrogen to heavy metal ratio)
1.7 – 3.4 (depends on enrichment level)
Enrichment 2.5 – 5 Wt % U235
Fuel pellet diameter 8.19 mm
Pellet-clad gap 0.082 mm
Clad thickness 0.572 mm
Outer diameter of fuel rods 9.5 mm
Pitch (center-to-center) 12.54 mm
P/D 1.32

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