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Monte Carlo Simulation Applied To Infinite Slab Problem

Posted by Syeilendra Pramuditya on August 3, 2008

In this article, I would like to share some knowledge about Monte Carlo Method which is applied to simulate neutron distribution in an infinite slab domain. The basic idea of the Monte Carlo Method as it applied to the infinite slab problem is we want to know the distribution of particles that are bombarded to the slab, as the particles performing a random walk. We can simulate this phenomena if we know the required physical variables of the system, in this case, the reaction cross sections.

For further explanation, first please download montecarlo.zip. Inside the “montecarlo” folder, you will find 2 explanatory files, power point slide, and a computer source code. This source code is a real implementation of monte carlo model in form of software, this code was written in Pascal Language of Borland Delphi 7.


Keywords : freeware delphi pascal montecarlo physics simulation

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